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Wedding Dress Cleaning

Wedding Dress Cleaning

Wedding dress cleaning

Service Overview

Our wedding dress cleaning service is also available at Ardenwood Cleaners. By washing and preserving wedding dresses, we help make memories last a lifetime.
Why shouldn’t your dress endure a lifetime too? Your special day is simply the start of your new life together. We take the time to do everything correctly, from inspection to cleaning to preservation, so your dress maintains its original beauty.

Our wedding dress preservation box lets you show off your gown while keeping it secure

Following a thorough cleaning, we preserve your wedding dress within an airtight, acid-free box with a picture window so you can see it whenever you like and keep it safe for years to come. To ensure that all of your priceless memories are kept together, we even give you the option to store your bridal veil, shoes, and flowers within the box.

Prepare for your special day by having your wedding dress altered

Once you’ve selected the ideal dress, it’s time to customize it to fit you perfectly. Our specialists are skilled at working with the delicate materials and accents that frequently make tailoring wedding dresses challenging. You can be sure that your dress is in good hands because we’ll provide the same level of care and knowledge that you’ve come to expect from Ardenwood Cleaners.

Professional wedding dress steaming and ironing will bring out every detail

To ensure that your wedding dress is picture-perfect for your special day, we will take care to iron out every last crease. Wedding dresses made of satin, silk, chiffon, lace, and tulle need special care, and Ardenwood Cleaners experts are skilled at steaming and pressing even the most delicate materials to maintain their best appearance.

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